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Manchester Astronomical Society
Established 1903

 Solar Images

Society members are aiming to image the Sun everyday. The project started in 2011 and this web page will now be updated from the top down as new images of particular interest are produced. The daily images are uploaded to the MAS Facebook page.

Members - please submit your images to:

All images © MAS or MAS members as indicated

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 BMRs Explained

BMRs - Bi-polar Magnetic Regions as explained to BAA Solar/Lunar Section Workshop at Burlington House on 30th September 2017.
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 Solar Eclipse

Annular 31/05/2003 Lossiemouth, Scotland
Annular Eclipse - Lossiemouth, Scotland © Kevin Kilburn

18/10/2011 AWC
Annular Eclipse - Lossiemouth, Scotland © Kevin Kilburn

29/03/2006 El Salem, Western Desert, Egypt
Total Eclipse - El Salem, Western Desert, Egypt © Kevin Kilburn
02/08/2017- © K Kilburn

In white light AR2670 is now well onto the disc and is a modest bipolar group amid extensive faculae. The main spot displays the Wilson effect but otherwise looks fairly featureless. The smaller component is similarly quiescent.

Polar faculae are once again quite conspicuous in both hemispheres.

02/08/2017 - © K Kilburn

In H-alpha I had to do a lot of cloud dodging so optimal tuning was difficult. However AR2670, with its fringes of plage sits in a complex bipolar magnetic region that is clearly footed in the southern hemisphere but which has north-reaching extensions, possibly as far as the equator.

02/08/2017 - © K Kilburn

Otherwise the magnetic regions spanning the northern half disc are not particularly well defined.

02/08/2017 - © K Kilburn

A short dark filament is visible in the SW quadrant in a BMR that otherwise currently shows no activity in white light. A shorter filament is approaching the SW limb at high latitude.
A small prominence is visible on the SE limb and there was a bigger, much fainter cloud on the SW limb, near the filament,  but this is hardly visible in this processed image.