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Manchester Astronomical Society
Established 1903

 Public Lectures :

Our FREE Public Lectures are normally held in the 'Schuster Building', Manchester University, Oxford Road,  Manchester, in the Blackett Lecture Theatre (located on the ground floor). If using SatNav, please use M13 9PL. The lectures are FREE to attend and all are welcome. Lectures start at 19.30 and finish by about 21.00. Click HERE for more location information.

Please note that the information given on this page is provided on a "best information available" basis and advertised talks/speakers may be subject to change at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Lecture audience at the Blackett Theatre © MAS

Tom Vassos

Tom Vassos meets the audience © MAS

 Lectures and AGM for 2023 - 2024 :

10th August 2023 - Tom Vassos - "Astronomy under the Stars - A Superhuman View of the Cosmos"

Tom Vassos - "Astronomy under the Stars - A Superhuman View of the Cosmos"

Vassos Lecture

Lecture will take place in the Blackett Lecture Theatre
Meeting starts at 19:00

Can you imagine what the cosmos above would look like if we all had superhuman vision? Immerse yourself in awe-inspiring images of nebulas, galaxies and supernova explosions that are invisible to the naked eye. Learn about doomsday meteorites that are like 4.5-billion-year-old time capsules from the beginning of our Solar System and the birth of planet Earth. Explore the Big Bang as we unveil actual evidence that reveals where we all came from.

e-mail '' to reserve your place/s and receive your ticket/s by return e-mail. This lecture is "Free", but we ask that you only order tickets if you are really going to attend !!! Thank you !

NOTE: Tom Vassos's lecture is not just for the Society members... it's open to everyone. The talk is geared to those that have just the faintest interest in the night sky too - you do not need to be an 'astronomy geek'. Come along and enjoy some wonderful images of deepsky objects, often shown to scale to the full moon, so that you can appreciate just how BIG some of these distant objects really are!

19th October 2023 (Kopal Memorial Lecture) - TBA

Start at 19:30 Thursday October 19th 2023

This will be the first of our Winter Monthly Public Lectures

Members.... don't forget that Subscriptions are due before 1st October !

16th November 2023 - "Dark Sky Astrophotography" - Mazin Younis M.Sc.

"Dark Sky Astrophotography" - Mazin Younis M.Sc.

"In light of our shared challenges of UK's bad weather and increasing light pollution, I embarked on a quest to find an ideal location not too distant from the UK. The goal was to locate areas with Bortle 2 or 1 level darkness that are both practical and affordable for establishing and hosting multiple observatories. Beginning in 2019, I undertook site tests in several locations to the east of Agadir, Morocco, accompanied by my modest astrophotography gear. This journey proved to be quite a challenge, as local culture, politics, and astronomy intertwined in fascinating ways. During this presentation, I will guide you through various locations and showcase a selection of my astrophotography captured under the breathtakingly dark skies of Morocco."

14th December 2023 - Presidential Lecture - TBA

Presidential Lecture - TBA


18th January 2024 - "Astrophotography with simple equipment" - Dr Steve Barrettt

"Astrophotography with simple equipment" - Dr Steve Barrettt

Photographing the night sky without ridiculously expensive equipment. What can be done with a digital camera, a tripod, a bit of ingenuity and very little else?

Steve Barrett

15th February 2024 - TBA

21st March 2024 - TBA


18th April 2024 - Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting

May to September - No Scheduled Public Lectures during Summer

May to September - No Scheduled Public Lectures during Summer

The 2022 - 2023 Public Lecture season is due to open on 20th October 2022

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