Moon Colour Gallery

Images by Anthony Jennings

17th December 2005 over 20 framed mosiac some of the individual images are below. Taken with a Toucam (x2 Convertor) on a LX90 8"
Or for a really LARGE image [763kb]


Aristarchus 17th December 2005

Atlas and Hercules 17th December 2005

Copernicus 17th December 2005

Imbrium 17th December 2005

Iridum 17th December 2005

Tranquillitatis 17th December 2005

Proclus 17th December 2005
The group of images above this that were taken on 17th December 2005, were processed using Planet Warp v2 which produces images as though they were taken directly above the lunar surface by remapping.

Plato 12 January 2006

Mare Serenitatis 12 January 2006

Sinus Iridum 12 January 2006

Langrenus 12 January 2006

Copernicus 12 January 2006

Mare Nectaris 12 January 2006
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