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Manchester Astronomical Society
Established 1903

This is the website of the Manchester Astronomical Society. To find out more about the Society, see the About Us page. If you are interested in astronomy/visiting the Society, see the Meetings page to find out what's on and the Visit Us page for directions to the Godlee. Groups requiring a tour of the Godlee should Contact Us first to arrange visits.
(Note: there is NO wheelchair access to any part of the observatory, nor is there any public access to the balcony around the Godlee dome; plus there is a H&S restriction of a minimum of 11 years of age for using the spiral staircase up to the observatory dome/telescopes)
Everyone is welcome to attend our public lectures, held from October to March at Manchester Metropolitan University, John Dalton Building, Oxford Road. See the Lectures page for details.
The society also has an active Facebook group, which everyone is welcome to join.
If you are interested in joining the Society please go to the Join page.

Weekly Meetings

The society holds meetings every Thursday evening in the Godlee Observatory (except Public Lecture nights and at Christmas & New Year, when the Godlee will be closed). See the Meetings page for more information.

Due to redevelopment work on the North Campus, the Godlee Observatory is now closed for an indefinite period - we will advise you of an alternative venue when this has been finalised

You can see what's in the night sky for the next month by visiting our JOURNAL page.
Image © Graham Hodson
Godlee Audience
Weekly meeting audience in the Godlee
Godlee Observatory

Online Payment Options:

To make a single subscription payment using PayPal, a credit or debit card, or your bank account, select either Full or Student, and either [Full Year] or [Half Year, if date is post AGM in April to 30 June]:
NOTE: There is a PayPal transaction charge of £1.00 for using this method of payment, which has been included and added to the normal Subscription amount, as shown below.
Single Subscription
Any NEW Members joining the Society after 1 July must pay the Full/Student annual subscription using the drop down menu/button above. The Half-Year option only applies from 20 April 2023 to 30 June 2023.
Existing Member's subscriptions should be renewed before 1 October each year.
New members must complete an application form (see: Application Form) and send it to the President (e-mail address can befound on the 'Contact Us' page).

To make a specific payment to the MAS for any another reason, select:


 The Bevis Atlas


For details about the discovery of the Bevis Atlas at the Godlee Observatory visit the Bevis page

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